Moghan Pars Kimia Company, registered under the brand of ‘Azarqapu’, is the first and largest manufacturer of wood plastic composite (WPC) doors, frames, and profiled sections in Iran. The prominent features of WPC, which is the fascinating amalgamation of wood and durable plastic, have turned it into formidable rival of processed woods in construction, urban spaces, industry, and home appliances. The USA, Canada, and Europe are the greatest producers and consumers of WPC profiled sections.
Azarqapu possesses profound technical knowledge and innovation in WPC manufacturing in Iran. Azarqapu Factory, located in Germi Industrial Town in Ardebil Province, started in 2003, and over the years and through indefatigable efforts, study, and combination of modern knowledge and state-of-the-art technologies, it has succeeded in manufacturing high-quality Iranian products ready to get into the world market. Poly wood is far more efficient than wood in terms of functionality and technical specifications. In manufacturing poly wood, PVC powder is mixed with wood powder through a particular process, and a number of materials are added to the mixture; afterwards, a monolithic, durable composite in produced. Doors manufactured by Azarqapu do not need any metal frames. The frame, which is of the same material as the door, is conveniently installed on the subframe after the completion of the construction works.
All Azarqapu products come with a twenty-year guarantee.

Features of Azarqapu WPC Doors

• Completely water-resistant, humidity-resistant, and rot-resistant
• Non-flammable and fireproof (self-extinguishing)
• Soundproof, heatproof, and coldproof
• Resistant to mold, microbes, and insects
• Detergent washable (Do not use acids!)
• Resistant to corrosion and oxidation, with extended lifespan
• Shock-absorbing and break-resistant
• Non-malleable in different seasons and under different climates
• Eco-friendly and recyclable (Green Industry)
• Coming in diverse, custom-made patterns and colors
• Coming in various sizes and dimensions